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Before I will expose you to the Spider Hunter, My next generation of auto trading I must say something pretty important…
Many of my students and clients recently started asking about automatic trading robots with Phenomenal profit margin,
Some told me they have watched a video and I even got few links to my email.

I must say that I had to watch the videos as well, just to understand what is the idea behind it.
I am still in shock,

The promises of this videos and automatic trading robots are nothing more than false promises,

Let’s go straight for explanation:

Let’s say that you have made an investment of 250$
(Although 250$ investment is for sure not an amount to trade with…)
Most of the videos and robots promise profits of in between 3000$ a month to 25000$ a month,

Let’s say that we will make 3000$ a month,
This number of 3000$ might sounds great when you consider an investment of 250$,
However when you double think about it, it’s easy to understand the BLUFF…
If some one can take 250$ and make 11 TIMES profit every month so why will he even spend money to tell you that and why will he make a video about it instead of taking the 3000$ or 25000$ that this guys made and do the same again and again and again…?

Taking the 3000$ will pay MINIMUM of 36000$ the following month and the 36000$ will turn into 432000$ which will turn into 5184000$ yes that is right…

Your 250$ will turn into SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY SIX MILLION US DOLLARS in 6 month.

If you think you got my point you are more than welcome to continue reading about the Spider Hunter
The Spider Hunter is my algorithm which I developed and work with for the past 8.5 years trading Forex, Futures, CFD’s and Stocks.

The Spider Hunter called Spider Hunter because of the timing set ups and the “arms” (Arbitrage Risk Management Strategy).
This sophisticated algorithm predicts good and bad scenarios while we are in a trade by combining between the following:

  • ATR (average true range)
  • Fibonacci Expansions and Retracements
  • Gaps
  • Arbitrage
  • Risk Management

This superb “skill” of the algorithm allows me to maximize winning trades and minimize our loses.
As I exposed last week I am now providing my best clients the opportunity to use this algorithm ONLY with me.


auto trading

auto trading


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