3 bar reversal

3 Bar Reversal – Swing Trading

The 3 Bar Reversal Pattern The 3 bar reversal pattern is a pretty simple daily pattern that based on three following bars. RULES FOR LONG Bar 1 closes down Low of Bar 2 is below low of Bar 1 Bar 3 cross above the high of Bar 2 Buy at close of Bar 3 Stop[…]

free live traders room

FREE Live Traders Room – Join Now

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information arbitrage

Information Arbitrage – Trader? Read This!

Information Arbitrage – What big hedge funds and banks don’t want you to know Information Arbitrage these days, with so much information going around, it’s getting increasingly hard to find what’s really relevant and applicable, and what is complete horseshit. the average content consumer can read up to 20 articles a day, and people who[…]

traders follow

Traders Follow – Enough With The Dreams! Follow Pro FX Traders

Traders Follow Have you ever heard about traders follow? Recently many traders tend to trade some weird stuff with weird percent growth and when I say weird I mean non realistic… It is true that there are many people out there who really want to enjoy from option of making money from their own money[…]

auto trading

Auto Trading At It’s Best – Spider Hunter

Spider Hunter Auto Trading Before I will expose you to the Spider Hunter, My next generation of auto trading I must say something pretty important… Many of my students and clients recently started asking about automatic trading robots with Phenomenal profit margin, Some told me they have watched a video and I even got few[…]

cci oscillator

CCI – Commodity Channel Index

What is the CCI – Commodity Channel Index CCI – Commodity Channel Index simplified Is an oscillator which developed buy Donald Lambert in 1980. Today the CCI is well known as an oscillator which assists traders determine different assets trend, However the original use of this oscillator was to analyze commodities. A combined formula of price[…]

RSI – Relative Strength Index

What is the RSI – Relative Strength Index RSI – Relative strength index simplified Is a momentum strength indicator which was published by J. Welles Wilder. The indicator use is to analyze different assets in the financial markets, The RSI is mainly used in order to recognize deviations of overbought and oversold scenarios in trading/price[…]

forex trading

Your Forex Trading Help Is Here! Congratulations!

Need some help with your Forex trading? I’m here for you with all the Forex help you might need! As you know there are thousands of Forex trading strategies out there that you can use in order to predict the movement of the markets, but you must remember that not all the strategies works for[…]