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As you know there are thousands of Forex trading strategies out there that you can use in order to predict the movement of the markets,
but you must remember that not all the strategies works for all market situations and times and sometimes it is fine to just wait outside for the right market behavior moment and then use the strategy specifically for those conditions to take your profits.

another video here will take you into the basics of getting the right entry point

Forex help with changing your broker to a better one:

Not all brokers are real n true brokers! you want to be sure you are dealing with the right ones, The way to go is to open few Forex accounts with different brokers and to actually test them out, make your bit of profits and ask to withdraw your earnings it should be done according to the broker term and conditions(some are even on the same day,some takes 1 week) if there are any problems you will know you are dealing with the wrong Forex broker and you should make a complaint and just move on.. luckily for you we have done that trial and error and we keep doing it all the time because there are always new brokers giving nice bonuses for first time deposits and our trading room is taking advantage of that! Want to go on the safe side? check out JK Trading room Approved Forex Broker list and change your broker to a proven and tested broker!

Forex help with understanding the behavior of the markets

If you are a beginner in Forex trading and even if you are advance trader you should always learn learn and learn more about your trading field, read the news, watch and analyze the graphs and learn everything about Forex indicators, Forex history and the new Forex systems that new technology brings to us almost everyday..Find your Forex Mentor, take online Forex Video courses, take your time to trade offline with a Free Demo Account and write down to yourself the definition you give to few pairs. you will see that your knowledge and understanding of currencies is growing and you are able to recognize the opportunities when they arrive. not less important is the understanding of your own behavior to the Forex graphs and pair movements! Make sure you are not trading based on feelings and you proved that to yourself by setting and preparing your trades and waiting like a hunter for the right moment to cash in.  Want to be on the right way to establish your knowledge about the Forex markets? Join our Forex live trading webinars and in short time you’ll be a Forex Pro trader.

Forex help with setting up a Forex robot on your account

Forex robots are a wonderful way to trade! The Forex robot will trade for you based on the way you programed it and will not have emotions effecting his trading behavior but you should know exactly how the Forex robot is set up and make sure that it also have a money management settings that will protect your investment capital!  John Ko Trading offers a variety of Forex trading robots and installation services  for our Trading Room members. if you want any help with setting up one of our Forex trading auto-bots to your trading account don’t hesitate to contact us

Forex help with getting your money withdraw from a scam broker

Forex help when trading is not profitable

Forex help with Forex signals providers

Forex help one on one / Forex mentor

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