What Kind Of Loser Are You?

What Kind Of Loser Are You?

So, What Kind Of Loser Are You?
Since I remember myself as a trader I was surrounded by losers.
I know it might sound very arrogant,
However most of the investors lose money in the stock market.
I am sure you have the same challenge…

Now is the time to check,
What kind of loser are you?
I always say there are 3 main types of losers:

1) The one that never learns

I can tell you that many investors are not willing to learn at all.To be honest with you this people might call themselves investors I consider them gamblers.This group can be divided to two groups the gamblers which are dreaming about finding the golden system and gamblers who enjoy from the trading experience and the option to make fast money,
Along with losing it…


2)The chicken

The chicken is an investor who is capable of making wise investments decisions with a great set up or business plan,However when his investment is doing well he is taking profits fast and harming his risk reward.
The same happens when our investors is in a losing point,
He is rushing to close his trade avoiding his business plan and the fact the he suppose to stay in based on his risk reward.


3)The ultimate loser

The ultimate loser is the new version of the chicken,
However in this case our investor is not sticking to anything…
This new version of losers is pretty dangerous.
There are many strategies that can provide you with great returns and we all know that basically based on my experience I can say that most of the successful traders are using between 1-3 strategies.
Our ultimate loser is always looking after the next strategy and have no sentiments.
When he finds something that seems to work he will go “All-In” and obviously will come out losing his investment.
And flat research is the only thing he’ll do in order to find his next “All-In” opportunity and this cycle will repeat itself until our poor trader will lose everything he have…

Basically if you think again you will understand that all the above can be concentrated to one thing – Emotions Control
When you take emotions out of the game you master the first step of becoming a successful trader.
Most of the losing traders are aware of the fact that they are not in full control of their emotions,
However they are struggling with a solution.

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